Volta Region Mountains

Volta Region Mountains

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Written Language? I don't think so...

So, here in Ghana I have learned that there is not a written way of communicating. Mostly everyone can NOT read or write! Ghana's cultural dialect, Twi, is not officially recorded anywhere. To teach their children Twi, they created something called "Pigeon". It is the mix between Twi and English. English is the official language because Ghana used to be a British colony.

You know how texting lingo, you just shorten words or use numbers as words? Well, Ghanaians just text as they hear the words. That is the reason why technology is not as advanced. Because typing what you want to find in the Google search box is impossible! Because they don't know how to spell! Crazy!!

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  1. Very interesting.....Let us know how you like your classes at school. Keep the news coming. We look forward to hearing from you as always.
    Love from G-Ma & G-Pa