Volta Region Mountains

Volta Region Mountains

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I don't know what the title should be...

So, today Kuma (my host dad/brother) was at work, so I hung out with Valerie, Kuma's friend. She works from home and goes into La Bone to visit her shop. She works at a clothing store. Everything is hand made and hand dyed, it's cool! Then I went out on my own for the first time to try to find flip flops (or as they call them "slippers"). I'm so stupid, I only packed one pair of flip flops. This one guy tried to get me to pay 35cedi for a pair! I told him I would give him 5cedi. He didn't go for it. But my bargaining skills paid off when I bought a painting thing. I was proud of myself. I was proposed to today. This guy loves me. I passed him a couple of times and he says "Celea!! I love you!!", I just say "ok, I have to go..." haha. He made me a bracelet. He saw me later and asked where it was (because I was not wearing it). I felt bad. Haha. It's a fun town! very busy and exciting. I feel very safe walking around alone. I'm going salsa dancing later with Kuma and Valerie and their friends, should be fun! and embarrassing!

Everyone was in a good mood today because Ghana won the "football" match last night! I watch so much soccer...yay. The world cup is coming up!

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  1. We are impressed that you are adjusting so quickly to your new surroundings, even looking for bargains (just like back home).

    We are learning on the internet about Accra and Ghana, which is all new to us. We enjoy and look forward to your postings. Love, G-Ma & G-Pa