Volta Region Mountains

Volta Region Mountains

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Canning really does exsist!

So, today in my first period class, math(s), a man with a skinny stick starts walking past my classroom with an angry look on his face. He came to my class and started yelling to the class because no one swept the hall way. The boarders were supposed to. He told all the boarders to go into the hall and then he yelled at them, then started hitting them with the stick!! He hit them on their hands, legs, and butt. I wanted to go out there and and take the stick from the man and hit him! An eye for an eye! I was so disturbed by it. The classrooms are set up as one long hallway, and then class rooms off the one side of the hallway. There are shutters on both sides of the classrooms to allow a cross breeze to come through. So, when the man canned pretty much all the girls, I could see and hear everything perfectly. My jaw dropped to the floor and my eyes were wide open. The math teacher (this completely awkward little guy haha) came over because he saw my reaction, and he said to me "don't worry, you will never get hit", and I was thinking in my head, NO ONE should be getting hit!!! Then the girls came back, some crying. I felt so bad. I've heard that they cane people here, but I didn't believe it! Now I do. I would just like to make it clear: CANNING IS STILL UTILIZED AS A MODERN PUNISHMENT.


  1. "Holy" and I do mean "Holy" $H!+

    Aunt Laura

    I have writen you before but it has not been going through.

  2. Greetings again from G-Ma & G-Pa.
    We continue to be amazed at what goes on in this world. It's like going back in time. Hard to believe all this has happened in your first week of school. Hope you can relax and enjoy the week-end. We send our love.

  3. I'M SORRY FOR THE MISSPELLING OF THE WORD "CANING". I hope everyone understood what I was talking about haha

    Laura, to my email address or posting a comment?

    This week chilled down a lot, but still is religion-frenzy...lol, but I'm getting used to it!

    Love you all!