Volta Region Mountains

Volta Region Mountains

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New York Orientation

So, today after a 4 or 5 hour flight I arrived in New York! I had instructions to 1. Claim my luggage and 2. Head to the AirTrain and catch a shuttle to the hotel. Ya..these instructions were not as straight forward as they sound...It took me 45 minutes to get to the shuttle center...lol. But a girl with yellow tags on her bags was waiting there, so I knew I wasn't alone! Then as we were looking for New York City, we realized we were in Queens haha, fun stuff! Then we got our room assignments and chilled out. My roommate hadn't shown up yet. Then 45 min later, Amy opens the door! She is a junior also, and lives in Idaho, and will also be going to Ghana! Then as the rest of the group arrived (10 of us total. 5 to Portugal. 5 to Ghana.) Then we just did orientation stuff i.e.lectures, safety tips, preparation activities etc...

Then we all just got to know each other! Everyone is very nice! But everyone has an accent except Amy, me, and this one guy from West Seattle haha. It's amusing! Everyone else is from New York, Chicago, and Texas. There are two girls in my group that are doing community service in Ghana. They will be assistant teachers at primary schools, and living with a teacher for the semester. The one girl lives near me in Accra, so I might stop by one day and check out the school and the little kids!

Well, That's what I did today! Not too exciting, just familiarizing myself with people and customs! Tomorrow is going to be a long day with "work". That's what our AFS volunteer said..haha. Then we are all heading out to our final destinations! Our orientation in Accra is supposed to be a lot of fun! We are going to take tours and see landmarks, I'm really excited! Then after a couple of days, I will start school! Much more to come!

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