Volta Region Mountains

Volta Region Mountains

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lights, Cameras, Action!

Because I live in one of the more prominent neighborhoods in the country, most of my neighbors run very successful businesses. And all the people in my neighborhood know very successful and famous people! Last night I was introduced to theater actor who runs a theater academy in the city. He was impressed when I was telling him about my school here and some of the crazy stories at school and my time here so far. He was impressed because he thought my stories would make perfect story lines for his students at his school! I am now an official volunteer/intern at this school! I will spend the weekends, and some days after school there! On my first day there, I basically got familiar with the area and the programs that they offer! Then I showed him the home video that my best friend and I made, just the two of us. They were very impressed with my editing and that I could re create the story line with just two people! Sara, we are the bomb  I will be editing a lot of their recordings because they use the same editing program that I used. So, they were impressed with that! Then I was pitching ideas for TV shorts that have to do with Ghanaian ways of livings, but adding a comical twist to them. It was easy for me to give ideas because everything here is different and all fresh in my mind! And it is easy for me to notice what the Ghanaian culture makes frenzy over! If any of them get made into a digital short or anything, I will share them with you! A documentary of theirs is getting put onto a national channel here, and I helped them edit it today! They are also in the process of making commercials for an audition they have coming up, so I get to help with creating the commercials and help at the auditions! I really lucked out! They also said that if they make a skit that involves a white girl, I could play the part! I will also be teaching the junior group with acting exercises. So, I will get to work with six year olds! I’m excited about that! Here is their website if you want to check it out: www.kboatengacademy.com


  1. Good for you!! What a deal!! Looks like you are going to be very busy. Keep us posted.
    Love, G-Ma & G-Pa

  2. Celea
    All of your technology experience is paying off!
    It sounds like your days and weekends will be very busy. Keep up with your stories!
    Love aunt laurie

  3. YES. we are famous :) hahaha. i love you!