Volta Region Mountains

Volta Region Mountains

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A day at an orphanage :)

I visited an orphanage this weekend! I mentally prepared myself to expect the worst on the way there. Mostly all of the orphanages here have hidden agendas. They look nice on the outside, but the management doesn’t do as they say. Usually the directors of the orphanages take the donation money and buy fancy cars or beer. And instead of using the money on food, water, beds, fans, electricity, and toys for the children, they use it for their own personal reasons. Knowing this, I put my mind in a state so I wouldn’t freak out and break down when I arrived at the orphanage. But when I arrived at the orphanage I actually thought I was at the wrong place haha. All of the buildings are new, the dorms weren’t packed with children, they had clean running water, food was plentiful, and the women that worked there even played with the kids! The kids here were obviously happy. They played games, sang songs, and acted out different animals; traits that aren’t usually seen in children around Ghana. These kids were comfortable in their skin and were happy to live where they live! The reasons why the kids are even at the orphanage are: Their parent(s) have HIV/AIDS and are incapable of taking care of their child, the child comes from a deprived home, the child is not wanted by the family, and the mother of the child was also an orphan when she had her child, etc. One of the cutest, liveliest, most creative kids was named Sarah. Her mom was an orphan at age 11 and somehow got pregnant. Her daughter is now five and is the biggest bundle of joy on the planet! My favorite kiddie was named small boy/Baby Ema/Emanuel. I don’t know what his story was or even how old he was, but he was the cutest thing ever! Mom and Dad, can we adopt him???!! Please! I’m guessing that he is 3 or 4 years old. When I called him, he came running to me and he always wanted me to hold him! He was quiet but he talked when he wanted to say something and was never short on smiles! It was such a nice and fulfilling day! I’m just glad to know that not all orphans are treated poorly! It’s a shame the orphanage is kind of far away, I wish it was closer! By the way, Happy Mother’s Day! I love you mom :)

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