Volta Region Mountains

Volta Region Mountains

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Coming to an end :(

This past weekend marked the points of my birthday and my SAT! I had a great birthday filled with friends and fun! I'm so appreciative of the friends and connections that I have made, it has really made my experience completely amazing. I even ate camel hump at my dinner!! That was also my last day of school so I was able to say goodbye to all of my new classmates. I can't believe everything is finishing. I have 11 more days left in Ghana!!! I can almost count the days on my hands!! I remember the first 11 days here. In my diary I wrote how hot it was here, what supplies I needed for school, and I tried ground nut soup (my favorite!!) for the first time! It is amazing how amateur I was when I just got here. Even the other day I was chatting with some volunteers and they were asking the same questions that I was stressing about my first few days in country. I feel like I am just going to wake up in a few days and I will just be home, I think I might go crazy. But now that I am leaving soon, I am in the middle state of traveling. I'm just excited to be home! But I don't know if I'm actually ready to be! My Auntie Val is going to South Africa tomorrow for the World Cup and she is packing up her room; it is weird to even think of packing!! My brain is so confused! Well, when I do get off the plane at Sea-Tac I hope that it is cold and rainy; this sounds very nice. Also, Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!!

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