Volta Region Mountains

Volta Region Mountains

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fun Facts!

Here are some phrases, words, and general facts that I've jotted down!

Here are some words that I didn't understand when said; this is due to the British English Ghanaians speak mixed with their own:
-A "rubber" = a plastic bag
-A "que" = a line (that people stand in)
-A "bureau" = a bank
-A "parcel" = a package
-A "tro tro" = is a form of public transportation
-A "canteen" = a lunchroom
-"Vat" = is tax (when purchasing stuff)
-"Slippers" = are flip flops
-A "duster" = is a black board eraser
-An "Insector" = is a tampon (sorry, I had to let you know that one)
-"Pomade" = is lotion

Did you know...
...that Oranges, lemons, and bananas are naturally green here?
...when you flush a toilet, the water doesn't spin, it goes straight down?
...there are no "hot" or "cold" option faucets, only 'on' or 'off'?
...the moon's crescent is on the bottom (so it looks like a smile)?
...Ghana is the closest country to the middle of the Earth?
...that using your left hand for basically anything is a huge insult?
...mostly everything is eaten with a spoon or hands?
...Ghana is the largest supplier of cocoa beans?
...Ghana grows and produces coffee beans but Ghanaians never drink coffee?

Words and Phrases commonly used...
-"Do you need to go to the ladie's and Gent's?" (do you need to go to the bathroom)
-"I'm so bored with this homework, it's too difficult" (To be bored = to be annoyed)
-"He is going to be sacked from work because he doesn't come" (to be sacked = to be fired)
-"Did you chuck up when you were sick?" (to chuck = to vomit)
-A wasted pregnancy = an abortion
-"Do you want take-away for your rice?" (take away = take out)
-"Sit well as I peel your oranges" (sit well = to take a seat)
-"Sit skinny so the person can sit next to you" (sit skinny = squeeze together)
-Chocked = clogged
-"I'm Coming" (this is commonly used to let people know that they acknowledge you. If you ask some one for a pencil, they will reply with "I'm coming." This phrase is used for everything. Most of the time when some one says it, the person never comes back lol.
-"Obruni, how are you?" "I'm fine" is the common street talk when you pass people.
-Hissing and making a kissing noise is commonly used to get your attention.


  1. Celea,
    Interesting facts that I wasn't aware of! A friend from work will be going to Egypt in a week or so. He at least will be on the same continent, just on the other side!
    Take care and keep enjoying your experiences.
    Love, aunt Laurie

  2. That's cool! thanks for sharing.
    I don't suppose people who are left-handed would have such a great time then..