Volta Region Mountains

Volta Region Mountains

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Week in Review!

So, this past week was exciting!

1. My exams started at school last week! I have one or two tests a day, 2-3 days a week! The first few tests haven’t been difficult, but because I came into the term late, I didn’t know a lot of the questions…but I’m not too worried! But I have had a lot of down time otherwise.

2. So, I also helped paint a metal sculpture for a shop! It was a lot of fun to do! When they were putting the sculptures up, everyone stopped and stared and asked questions. There aren’t a lot of art like that around Accra, mainly because stuff would get stolen or vandalized.

3. I visited Amy’s village this weekend in Swedru! She actually lives in a Village! It was very different. Her neighbors just got electricity…so it was pretty rural. But the area was very scenic! It was such a peaceful area! But I did hear a lot more “obruni, how are you” phrases. But it was ok. We went into her town, which was small but very cute and efficient!

4. I went to Krobo! On the way to Krobo we saw Baboons roaming on and near the road! It was so cool! I felt like I was on a safari! Then I got to tour the place where the ladies assemble and make the beads! It was neat to see how production was done! Apparently one lady came make 5,000 pieces of jewelry a year! Is that not a crazy amount? But then I got to go to market day and buy A LOT of beads! The beads are so pretty! They are all hand painted, EACH bead…crazy stuff. I got some “old beads” which were used for trading hundreds of years ago! They are the prettiest but the most expensive…and by expensive I mean up to 30 cedi PER bead…some necklaces were hundreds of dollars…and that wasn’t the Obruni price either. But that was an awesome little trip, very cool to see!

5. The weather here has been ridiculous. The sky is a yellow color. No one really knows why. Some say it’s the dust and my classmates say it’s God, so who knows! But it hasn’t necessarily been cooler unfortunately haha

6. I found the best Jewelry maker in Ghana! This little Lebanese lady (maybe 80 something years old) and her husband (who has passed) have owned this shop for 50 some years! And when I mean “shop” I mean a legit store that accepts credit cards! Wahoo! Her son even went to my school 30 years ago! She is the cutest person ever! I bought a beautiful silver ring from her. It’s interesting that she charges on the weight of the piece and not what she thinks she deserves. She said that I can bring her a design and she will make it for me! So, if anyone wants to send me a design for jewelry, email me! She even said that I can come visit her and I don’t even need to buy anything, I can just come hang out with her; I’ll have to get a picture with her!

Everything is well over here! I heard that Obama passed a health care bill, but that's all I heard! So, I hope everything back home is going well!

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