Volta Region Mountains

Volta Region Mountains

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Red Obroni? Electricity? 4:30am wake up calls? SOUNDS FUN!

So, While I was at the beach and in the sun over my long weekend, I got extremely burned. My skin was literally red. And when I went to school on Monday, as each classmate walked through the door and gave me their morning welcomes, they each looked at me and I could tell they were thinking about something...haha. Then I could hear people whispering, and whenever I hear the word "Obroni" I know they are talking about me (not in a bad way, everyone is so nice!) so, they chose someone to come over and ask me "what has happened to your face? It has become red..." HAHAHA! And later throughout the day I had other questions asked like, "What have you put on your face?" and "would you like a tissue to take the stuff on your face off?" LOL it was so funny! I guess they have never seen a red-white person before haha. The questions were just so amusing to hear because it was so funny to see their reactions to something they have never seen before.

Now, I never thought that I would miss electricity. Before I came here, I was told that the power goes out A LOT. But recently, it has been going out All DAY, ALMOST EVERY DAY. It's fine that the power is out during the day, but when it gets dark at around 6-6:30pm, that's when everything goes downhill. I cant open the fridge to get food, It's difficult to take showers, I can't find anything, the AC and fans don't work, and I can't charge my phone (which doubles as my alarm). I also can't cook anything because all of the appliances are electric. It's not a huge deal, but it really does make night time difficult! Especially when the one flashlight you have goes out as well...which happened. I'm practically blind at night! I just never knew that I would miss electricity lol.

As for my Navy Cadet training, I have 4:30AM wake up calls a couple of times a week! And we all practice for the 6th of March! I get to miss school though when I go to the practices, which is awesome! I love the group! It's like one big family, and everyone helps everyone, and everyone jokes around, It's a lot of fun! But when we went to rehearse at independent square with the other groups (Air Force and Army) we had to stand in the scorching sun for 5 hours and people were dropping left and right! Our group started with 30 kids, and 5 hours later, 15 were left! I lasted all 5 hours! I was getting freaked out though because all of a sudden I would just hear "thump" and I would discretely (we aren't allowed to move) look over, and girls AND boys are lying on the group with their eyes rolled back, and then the ambulance guys come with a gurney to take them away! It was intense! But I probably drank more water that day, than I have in my entire life haha

Anyways, Ghana just keeps getting better! Hope the next 5 months go just as well!

Love and miss everybody!


  1. Keep drinking that water! Also, and I'm sure you already know this, when you have to stand for such long periods of time, don't lock your knees. Keep them just the tiniest bit bent because if you lock them, you can cut off circulation and it can make you pass out! I love your enthusiasm--keep it up! :)

  2. You have such a good attitude about everything! Enjoy it for the wonderful, yet sometimes difficult experience it is. You are having an adventure that most of us will never have.
    Love you,
    aunt laurie